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Clear English Contract Revision

Earlier this week, I posted a discussion on the waste of resources that comes with poorly written contracts. I had an exercise in that post that discussed how long it took to review a short 170 word passage of a contract. I promised to detailed break down of that contract provision.¬†Fair warning, this is going… Continue Reading

Trademark Bullying: Mars v. CocoVaa

Over the past couple of months, I have assisted a few clients in dealing with trademark cease and desist letters. A cease-and-desist letter is just like it sounds, a demand by a trademark owner to another business to stop using their trademark. Often these letters are a legitimate means of protecting a legitimate brand. However,… Continue Reading

Non-Competes are Not Always Conducive to At-Will Employment

One of the most difficult things for companies looking to have key employees, or any employees, sign a non-compete agreement is that most states have at-will employment. While at-will employment is highly beneficial in terms of labor market movement and the ability for employers to grow and shrink their workforce as necessary, at-will employment is… Continue Reading