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The Proliferation of Non-Disclosure Agreements

The proliferation of crappy non-disclosure agreements is driving me nuts. Aside from the clear lack of trust between humans that has driven the growth of this usually meaningless document, most are a waste of time, energy, and legal fees. The overuse of NDAs has gotten so bad, I channeled my inner Dennis Miller and had a little rant about NDAs, consideration for the NDAs, and a few things to think about to determine if you actually need an NDA.


Clear English Contract Revision

Earlier this week, I posted a discussion on the waste of resources that comes with poorly written contracts. I had an exercise in that post that discussed how long it took to review a short 170 word passage of a contract. I promised to detailed break down of that contract provision.¬†Fair warning, this is going… Continue Reading

Contracts Matter

My column for AIGA Blue Ridge is available at this link. I don’t normally do the dissection of a particular case unless it has a great deal of meaning or merit. But this column is about a specific case involving a graphic designer, a non-paying client, and copyrights. This is a post that carries the… Continue Reading

A Case Study in Contract Drafting

The paragraph below comes from a nondisclosure agreement that was sent to me by a client for review. This particular NDA this particular NDA was drafted by another attorney. An NDA is a pretty straightforward and simple agreement, but is often one filled with contract terms, like the one below, that torture the mind. The… Continue Reading

The Problem of Most Contracts

Note this post is not about hating on contracts. This is a post about contracts and the problems that I see in contracts. I believe that most people make contracts far more complicated than they should be. I also believe that most businesses and their lawyers should be thinking about contracts as much from a… Continue Reading