Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

I am Matt Johnston, or #mattthelawyer. I am here to help make your business succeed by advising you through the obstacles that a business owner faces and will face, day-to-day and year after year. Whether you are just a starting a business or you have been in business for ten or more years; have one employee or 400, I provide each client with up-to-date, sensible, and affordable solutions to legal issues but also to exploit opportunities for your business.

I opened this firm with one goal: to help small business owners and entrepreneurs form, operate, and grow their business from dream and business plan to successful reality.

I only work with small businesses and creative professionals and have catered my services solely for you, the small business owner. I run a small business too, and so I understand the need to prioritize financial obligations. I believe that small business owners should not have to sacrifice legal counsel or the protection of your assets and employees just because you are a small business with some financial constraints. My goal is to help you by focusing on those important matters that may be necessary to operate you business, but distract you from doing what you do best, focus on your business and your customers.

Most small and growing businesses react to legal or regulatory issues when a problem arises, often at great time and monetary cost. Reacting to legal matters in “crisis mode” is far more expensive than proactive management. But there is no such thing as a legal problem today that didn’t start as a legal question sometime in the past.I take a forward-looking approach to advising businesses, planning for the future and addressing many legal questions before they become legal issues.

When growth is on your agenda or you need someone to alleviate concerns that distract you from accomplishing your dreams, I can help.

I listen. I advise. You decide. You Thrive.

Contact me today to discuss your business, any other legal concern you may have and we can talk about how I can help you achieve your business dreams.