Your go-to legal advisor for small business & creative firms

I’ve been dubbed “the least lawyery lawyer.” Maybe it’s because I don’t talk jargon or wear fancy suits. Maybe it’s because I welcome beer thirty. I’m a down to earth guy who loves helping my clients with their legal stuff on an affordable and approachable level. You’ve got a business to run. Let me help you protect it.

Access to affordable, consistent legal services

Our mission is to help small business owners and freelance workers obtain the legal services and advice they need without having to fear a budget-busting bill.

Part of your advisory team

From business registrations and trademarks to employee manuals and contracts, we bring the values of your business to the forefront of it all.

There for you when you need it.

When growth is on your agenda or you need someone to alleviate concerns that distract you from accomplishing your dreams, I can help. I listen. I advise. You decide. You thrive.

I want to see you succeed.

I love getting to know my clients, their businesses, and their operations, and building a relationship on a mutual interest in seeing them grow.

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Always ahead of the curve.

A proactive legal strategy for your business.