Round-Up for Week of February 17

Round-Up for Week of February 17

As I read through materials over the course of the week, some things hit me as something to be written about more in depth on this blog, but some just, while interesting, just don’t make it to the “write more about” list. Here are some of those from this week.

The 5 Deadly Sins of Outside Counsel by Mark Herrmann. I am not sure which he classifies as worst, but Herrmann clearly despises outside counsel who display sloth or stupidity (although that is not an early Christian sin). Pride though? Well Herrmann says that would disqualify the lot of outside counsel.

The Small Business Administration has a post on 5 Payroll Tax Mistakes. Some pretty good information there, including misclassifying workers (a common subject I deal work with clients on) to making sure you don’t forget to pay the IRS.

The Congressional Budget Office has a study that says the impact of an increase in the minimum wage to $10.10 could cost as many as a million jobs. That is not peanuts in a slow economic period and the people most likely to lose the jobs are those very people supposedly helped by a minimum wage increase. Note, even if Congress can’t get it done, for Maryland employers, a minimum wage increase to $10.10 is pretty likely to pass the Maryland General Assembly this year.

Finally, there is this post about email and managing your email inbox. Some people will say it is anal, but I have set myself a goal to get my email inbox down to zero on a weekly basis. With multiple email accounts, such as my main box for work, an email box for my refereeing and other hobbies and left over email boxes for outdated purposes, I find myself with a large number of email box. It is time to clean them up.