White Collar Overtime Rule Delay

White Collar Overtime Rule Delay

Back in November, a federal judge in Texas ordered a temporary, nationwide injunction against the implementation of the Department of Labor’s white collar overtime rule. The government appealed that decision and that appeal has been ongoing.

Well, we have a new President now (in case you hadn’t heard) and the as yet to be confirmed new Labor Secretary has been on record opposing the rule. Well, Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder has a confirmation hearing on February 2 and might be confirmed shortly thereafter.

The Department of Labor asked for a 30-day extension to file a reply brief “to allow incoming leadership personnel adequate time to consider the issues.”

Since the injunction is still in place, the parties seeking to keep the rule from becoming active are more than happy to allow the extension.

No hearing has been set on the appeal and probably won’t be set until after the Department of Labor files its reply brief.