3 Reasons Why You Should Change to General Counsel

3 Reasons Why You Should Change to General Counsel

As a small business owner, making the change to general counsel legal services is a big jump. There is no doubt about that. There is an element of fear that comes along with this investment. Businesses often think: Will it cost too much? Will it take too much of my time? Will my lawyer try to control my business?

Set these stress factors aside. Consider the pros and cons. Take a leap of faith knowing that good things will come from your decision.

Here is what you can take comfort in knowing:

1. General counsel services are more cost effective than you think. 

Most small businesses consult their lawyer on an hourly rate. Given that lawyers charge on the tenth of the hour, it is likely that your bill racks up 5-minute phone calls (which cost you $35 a pop). What makes general counsel so cost-effective is that you are not being billed based on the hour. Your lawyer is open to you and prioritizes your needs. Of course you won’t be talking to them all-day-every-day, but within reason your lawyer is open to you. Whether you’re a small business starting up ($400 per month) or a larger business looking for consistent support ($1,750 to $5,000 per month), it is likely that you will be actually saving on your legal bill and being proactive, rather than reactive to legal issues in your business.

Our general counsel client comments,

I was consistently putting off getting consistent legal support because I was worried about legal costs, but after 1 year of becoming a general counsel client with Matt I could not believe how much work was done – our employee handbook, HR procedures, how to work with independent contractors, etc. – Monica

2. You will build a relationship with your lawyer.  

When you become a general counsel client, your lawyer becomes part of your brain team. As a business owners, we can all admit that having an advisory team makes the stress of small business management all the more doable. You should always be able to say you can count on your lawyer, but becoming a general counsel client brings that to the next level.

As a general counsel client your lawyer gets to know your business at its core. They know the ins and outs, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of your operations. Having this transparency leads to an open relationship, not the billable hour.

What’s even better? Being able to find a lawyer that does not intimidate you, rather a lawyer that is approachable and speaks your language.

3. You can tailor your legal services to your needs. 

One of the best things about being a general counsel client is being able to get not only the services you want, but also the services you didn’t even know you needed. Since your lawyer gets to know you so well, they can understand not only what needs you are asking for, but also advise you on what services and activities can actually optimize your operations and allow you to prevent problems before they become a real issue.

Interested in making the jump to general counsel? The Law Offices of Matthew S. Johnston have general counsel plans fit for all. Take a look, set a consultation, and make the decision for yourself. It just may be the best one you’ve ever made.