Optimize your Legal Support with Personalized Services

Optimize your Legal Support with Personalized Services

In our businesses we all have unique goals and services that make our work a success. It is no secret that legal support makes up part an important part of that equation.

In the traditional legal model, a firm will provide the service that you request from them. What makes general counsel services so special at the Law Offices of Matt Johnston is that Matt actually gets to know your business before tackling the issues that you would like to address. This allows him to not only work on the projects that you request, but also allows him to fully understand your operations and advise on legal courses of action (at no additional cost).

General counsel clients have taken note of this:

We love that Matt plays an advisory type of role with our business. Should he see anything that requires legal attention, such as corporate structure, he gives us great advice. He’s always ready to say ‘let’s be sure we do xyz.’ I’m so open with him, so fluid, that even if its not his area of expertise, he will offer what he knows and advise us accordingly, Patrick shares.

By asking the right questions and pointing out the gray areas, Matt comes up with strategies to ensure that your business is on the right track. That being said, he leads the way for your business to be proactive and prevent legal issues, rather than just reacting to legal crises.

Personalized services come from Matt taking the time to get to know you. Long-time general counsel client Monica shares,

Matt gets us – he gets our field and how creative services work. I really appreciate that we have a relational relationship as opposed to a transactional relationship.

Aside from being just your lawyer, Matt becomes your advisor. If you’re interested in this model where a lawyer gets to know your business, builds a relationship with your business, and counsels your business, I encourage you to look at the general counsel plans available with Matt Johnston. Make the commitment and tailor his services to your business. You won’t be disappointed.