You Bring a Proactive Strategy to your Business – Why Not your Legal?

You Bring a Proactive Strategy to your Business – Why Not your Legal?

We all design marketing plans, make a business plan for the next year (or five), hire an accountant, and make predictions to manage our business. The laundry list goes on, yet when it comes to legally supporting our business, most of us just stick to the basics. We register according to the law and call our lawyers when an emergency rises.

The question arises: why aren’t we more proactive when it comes to developing a legal strategy for our business?

As a general counsel client, it makes it even easier for Matt to get to know your business, identify areas in need of support, and – most importantly – catch the balls of fire before they create a real problem. Having a general counsel means that your lawyer can catch hiccups or sensitive issues in your business before they become a real problem; sooner rather than later.

Long-term general counsel client Patrick shares,

 “What’s great for us is that the general counsel services are proactive. We keep him involved in our operations on a month-to-month basis, meaning that we are catching issues early on and preventing legal conflicts in our business. The process and the way we work together is really efficient for us, and for him as well to understand our needs. – Patrick

As business owners, we are most often focused on the daily operations and getting from point A to point B as successfully as possible. Aside from being proactive in the here and now, Matt has helped clients create strategies that support the business in the long-term considering that one day there may be a new boss.

Matt has been my guide when it comes to succession planning, forming an exit strategy, and organizing key employee and key person life insurance,” general counsel client Monica comments.  

You can make your legal bills lower and prevent major legal conflicts from arising by bringing a legal strategy to your business. Being a general counsel client is a proactive and cost-effective way to cover all of your bases.

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