Relating to your Lawyer: It Is Possible

Relating to your Lawyer: It Is Possible

Many of us call a lawyer as a person that we can trust, but not necessarily someone we can call to speak with freely and comfortably.

One of the best things about working with Matt as a lawyer is the fact that he can be understood. His firm goes against the grain from the traditional model to ensure that clients are not intimidated or put off by legal speak.

As small business owners, it is important that we feel comfortable talking about our legal issues, and that we feel comfortable listening to our lawyer’s responses. With Matt, you’ll be speaking not only with a lawyer, but with a fellow small business owner who has been in your shoes.

Matt will not coming to a meeting in a stuffy suit, and he will never act as if he is above you. Clients across the board agree:

His relaxed attitude makes him approachable, which is a nice change from the legal stereotype. Matt listens well, he is flexible, and he is accessible. He’s part of my brain trust in my business. He makes it very easy to go up and down in regards to what you need, and he also is very clear and up front about what is included and what’s not – no surprises.– Monica

Meet him and you’ll see the genuine person that he is and how he brings a comforting level with him. Be as transparent as you can and I think you’ll find that with his honesty, knowledge of business law, and resources that you’ll be in good hands. – Patrick

As a general counsel client, you get even more opportunity to relate to your lawyer. To learn more about general counsel plans with Matt Johnston and break the stereotype of what working with a lawyer is like, click here.