We Have A New Website!

We Have A New Website!

If you’ve ever met Matt, you know that he is far from the norm when it comes to being a lawyer. He is down to earth, approachable, and always makes sure that his clients understand the legal concepts that are relative to their businesses.

Looking over our old website, we couldn’t stop thinking about how the site was just not representative of who Matt is and the type of legal support that he provides to our clients.

Given that our clients are mainly small biz owners and creatives, we wanted these folks to feel at home when they visit our site. This new site is for you guys! The site’s primary aim is to keep current clients informed on what services are available to them and offer new information in the legal world that they should know about, and introduce potential clients to the unique type of legal support that we provide.

Thanks to Worx Design, you will see a modern site with a minimalist influence.

In going through the re-design process, we wanted to make the site fresh, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate. We made sure to take new photos of Matt to feature on this site which captured his true personality. Above all, we prioritized the information that we want you to have.

Here are some of our firm’s values that are incorporated on the site. These features are meant to make your life easier:

  • Transparency. On the new site you will see how much our services cost. If you’ve worked with other lawyers before, you know that finding out how much they charge is not in plain sight. We are committed to making this information public for all.
  • Relationship Building. We are trying to break the mold on traditional law practice, and for that reason encouraging clients to consider a general counsel subscription. We want to go beyond serving clients by the tenth of the hour, and rather build a true long-term relationship between the firm and your business.
  • Access to information. Aside from working directly with Matt, we want his expertise and advice to be accessible to you anytime, anywhere! Our blog is stocked full of advice for small businesses from contracts to employee conflicts to trademark registrations, and much more! If you’re struggling with an issue we encourage you to search our blog!
  • We meet you where you are. Resources are key! Check out Matt’s speaking gigs (usually at no cost), sign up for our newsletter, or schedule a consultation at your convenience.

We look forward to having you navigate the site and giving us your feedback! As always, you can be in touch any time and we are happy to be of service. Happy surfing!