Nonprofit Tips Come to the Blog

Nonprofit Tips Come to the Blog

If you follow this blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that our focus is on small businesses. How can owners develop a legal strategy? How can they be proactive? What do owners need to know to succeed?

This type of advice is useful across various industries – creative firms, product developers, advertisers, Amazon sales folk, and even nonprofit organizations.

We’d like to take a special opportunity to guide nonprofits in a new way. If you’ve worked in both a nonprofit and a for-profit organization, I’m sure you’ve noticed the vast similarities in regard to the functioning of the entity. Their missions and influx of profit may be different, but that doesn’t mean that their core operation varies that much.

So, we are excited to share with you on the blog more targeted information about nonprofit organizations – how to start one, how to manage one, and how to develop a strategy and stick to it.

My name is Kelly and I am the Client Services Manager with #mattthelawyer. Though my work here is focused on communications, writing, client services, and meeting your legal needs, my background is in nonprofit management and advocacy. I spent the last three years as the Program Director at a small nonprofit in Ecuador where I managed the country’s first capacity building program for nonprofits. From program design and evaluation to networking, event planning, and facilitation, I was able to immerse myself in what nonprofit operations looked like on a budget in a foreign country. Shout out to all the nonprofit professionals who wear many hats and do so with a smile. Prior to my Ecuadorian adventure, I received my master’s in international Peace and Conflict Resolution at American University’s School of International Service and worked with Frederick’s Heartly House as a Victim Advocate and Crisis Worker.

I look forward to sharing with you fellow nonprofit professionals and perhaps business folks who are looking to branch out into the nonprofit sector. We’ll walk through steps together of how we can best strategically develop our nonprofits and ensure impactful and sustainable work in our communities.

If you’ve got questions for me, feel free to reach me at kelly[at]johnston-legal[dot]com.