Free Resources for Startups

Free Resources for Startups

Small business startups are operating on a tiny shoestring budget. But there are a ton of resources out there that don’t cost much or, better yet, are free.

We help business owners go from being a dream and a business plan to an operating reality. We do so by offering budget-friendly start up plans with Meterless Communications and meetings to help smooth your entry into business ownership.

In this video, #Mattthelawyer talks about free resources that are available to help you launch your small business:

  • Local Chamber of Commerce (Check out the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce if you’re local; 800 of its 900 members are small businesses)
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDC; check out the SBDCs in Maryland to see what free training they have available!)
  • Economic Development Office can help businesses grow and get established through services such as valuable data on your industry)
  • Trade Associations

If you’re looking to launch a small business or make your existing small business stronger, check out the services we have to offer and contact us today.