Focus Friday: Employee Relations

Focus Friday: Employee Relations

This week launches our series of Focus Fridays, topics of interest to employers as the business of getting back open and operating in the COVID-19 world. This week #MattTheLawyer focuses on what steps you need to take in terms of employee handbooks, paid leave, teleworking and work environments in relation to the pandemic. 

As our clients and fellow small businesses start to look toward recovery, we are bringing you new resources each week that will help your business push through the pandemic. This week, we focus on Employee-Employer relations. What will the new normal look like? What does your business need to be ready? We’ve prepared two free resources for you

  1. A Telework Policy & Procedure
  2. Families First Coronavirus Response Act Leave Policy

We are also offering $99/month #AskMattTheLawyer consultation plans where clients can get answers to their questions without a big unforeseen bill at the end of the month. Visit our pricing page to see how transparent we are with our services.

If you have questions, please contact us or other qualified counsel.

If you want to talk through some of those ideas, let’s schedule a time to chat. If you want to schedule a 15 minute call with me, go to my online scheduler (Note: For those of you who are not clients, the call will include a $50 fee. Clients will be billed the lesser of $50 or according to your fee agreement).

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