Legislative Updates Impacting Small Businesses in Maryland

Legislative Updates Impacting Small Businesses in Maryland

Employee Benefits Update

The Maryland General Assembly has completed its yearly session in Annapolis and like every year, there was a flurry of activity at the end of the session. In this video, #MattTheLawyer talks about one of the most important bills passed by the General Assembly on the subject of employee benefits and worker protections, the Essential Workers Protection Act. The good news, it is not nearly as bad as it could have been.

Digital Products & Services Taxes

In this video, #MattTheLawyer talks about the state’s digital advertising services tax that the General Assembly enacted this year over Governor Hogan’s veto, as well as the legislative fixes passed this year. This law will impact some digital advertising and goods services (thankfully excluding services such as cloud-based subscriptions and educational webinars). Thus, you can expect some digital service cost increases due to the higher taxes. 

Unemployment Insurance for Businesses

In this video, #MattTheLawyer goes over the changes to the calculation of employer-side unemployment insurance payments. As is pretty obvious, 2020 was not kind to the states’ unemployment insurance trust funds and Maryland was no exception. #MattTheLawyer also talks about how unemployment insurance premiums are calculated and the legislative changes that will be taking place.

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