Maryland Legislation Updates: Sales Tax Credits and Unemployment

Maryland Legislation Updates: Sales Tax Credits and Unemployment

Maryland Sales Tax Credits

The Maryland General Assembly passed the 2021 RELIEF Act geared, in part, to help struggling small business. Among the efforts, the General Assembly authorized a short term sales tax credit for eligible businesses. #MattTheLawyer explains the basics in this video. Check out the FAQ from the Comptroller of Maryland to learn more.

Maryland Unemployment Update for Employers

One of the difficult challenges for employers looking to get back to some level of normalcy is getting workers back into the workplace. Particularly for the hospitality industry, the challenge of convincing workers who are making more on unemployment benefits has been difficult. I know some restaurants are even offering signing bonuses.

The state of Maryland now gives employers a mechanism to report workers who are offered a job but the worker refuses to accept. The state will then look at the question of why. There are some legal and financial consequences for workers who are not looking for work or who are turning down offered work.

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