A Work Culture That Prohibits Sexual Harassment

A Work Culture That Prohibits Sexual Harassment

The lurid details of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo conduct with female staffers, state employees, and the public (official report here) was big news and frankly frightening in scope, conduct, and breadth of the behavior. If true (and I expect they are true), the allegations contain multiple, egregious violations of Federal and New York law. There are certainly multiple civil law claims and potentially some criminal claims.

In this video, I talk about three different but less well-known aspects of the report:

  1. the culture in the Executive Office that if not condoned at least failed to condemn and correct the conduct;
  2. the failure to investigate claims that even senior administration officials admitted were credible claims of harassment; and
  3. actions by senior officials (direct aides and even Cuomo himself) that amount to retaliation against individuals who complained.

The answer in so many of these cases is creating a company culture that does not allow for sexually harassing or discriminatory conduct to take root in the workplace.

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