Influencers & Infringement: Case Study on Molly Sims

Influencers & Infringement: Case Study on Molly Sims

Earlier this year, model, influencer, and actress Molly Simms was sued in federal court in California over a blog post she wrote advertising a makeup product. Using this case, our new video series helps small businesses understand how things can go wrong when influencers promote products online. 

If you are a social media influencer, current or aspiring, we encourage you to spend some time thinking about the risks you face as a business — and you are a business. Got questions? Schedule a consultation.

Part One: Molly Sims and Makeup

Along with Arabella Chen, our research and writing intern, we talk about the trademark infringement case against and its potential impacts for social media influencers large and small. 

Part Two: What It Means for Influencers

In this video, we discuss the claims made against Molly Simms, why they are relevant, and what Social Media Influencers need to be concerned about when it comes to their engagements with brands.