Get to Know the Labor Relations Act, Section 7

I just finished reviewing a contract, a combination non-compete, non-solicitation confidentiality, non-disclosure agreement for a client. This kind of agreement is typical in the software or technology industries. Like most of these contracts, this contract was vastly overwritten, almost obscenely so. While my advice to the client who had already signed the agreement, to do… Continue Reading

Customer Experience and Contracts

Whether you think so or not, your contract is as much a part of your customer’s experience as your first sales call or your last wrap-up meeting. Too often, companies that restructure and reorganize to focus on customer experience fail to think about the written communications that are sent to the customer, including their contract… Continue Reading

Geeky Contract Terms: Force Majeure

No, force majeure is not a French boy band (although someone should tell Simon Cowell) or a special operations branch of the French Foreign Legion. Rather it is a special kind of caveat in a contract that may excuse performance of one or all of the parties. Most of the time, though, a force majeure… Continue Reading

Office Romance in the #MeToo Era

Since the explosion of accusations against people like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and so many others, famous and not famous. Workplace sexual harassment and certainly sexual abuse are illegal and should be addressed with all of the legal and human resources tools available. But let’s not kid ourselves, we spend a lot of our waking… Continue Reading

Dress Codes & Discrimination

Dress codes. It’s safe to say nobody likes them, but we cannot ignore them. In the past few years, office dress codes have received more spotlight in the news. Companies are being accused of discriminatory dress code policies. Some companies are choosing to modernize their outdated policies and others look at their dress codes as… Continue Reading