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Taglines and Trademarks

In the world of marketing and brand building, there have been some iconic taglines that become famous trademarks.

Just Do It! by Nike

I’m Lovin’ It by McDonald’s

Think Different by Apple

All of these taglines have become synonymous with their company and brands, which is the goal of any advertising. All those companies had multi-million dollar ad campaigns to help build the brand, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own tagline registered as a trademark. Here are some things to think about.

Trademark Bullying: Mars v. CocoVaa

Over the past couple of months, I have assisted a few clients in dealing with trademark cease and desist letters. A cease-and-desist letter is just like it sounds, a demand by a trademark owner to another business to stop using their trademark. Often these letters are a legitimate means of protecting a legitimate brand. However,… Continue Reading

Policing and Protecting Your Trademark

Congratulations! You got your trademark registered with the US PTO. You have an officially registered trademark blessed by the United States government. If you think that was the hard part, it is not. Now comes the hard part of policing, protecting, and maintaining your trademark. Let’s start with the basics. In order to maintain the… Continue Reading

The Making of a Strong Trademark

Companies who are looking to build a brand should also be thinking about trademarks and how to create a strong trademark. When I am consulted as an attorney, I am often asked about what goes into a strong trademark. So before launching into what a strong trademark is, I should set the stage for intellectual… Continue Reading