Customized Compliance Legal Services

Sometimes you need to keep things simple. Here are some areas we excel in.

Customized Compliance Legal Services for Individual and Small Physician Practices

As a health care provider, you want to focus on providing the best patient care you can give.  Unfortunately, the constantly changing regulatory landscape can distract you from focusing on your patients’ care.  How can small practices and solo providers keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements issued by federal and state regulators?

Our health care compliance outsourcing packages can help return your focus to where you want it and it needs to be without the worry of compliance issues sneaking up on you.

The primary areas of risk for physician practices of any size are:

  • Billing and Coding for Services;
  • Reasonable and Necessary Services;
  • Documentation; and
  • Improper Inducements, Kickbacks, and Self-Referrals.

While these are not all the risk areas faced by medical practices, they are the main risk areas identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General.  An internal assessment of these areas of potential vulnerability is a great place to start when implementing or strengthening a compliance program.  According to the OIG,

“The objective of such an assessment is to ensure that key personnel in the physician practice are aware of these major risk areas and that steps are taken to minimize, to the extent possible, the types of problems identified.”

Medical providers must keep pace with the rate of change in care practices. The ever-changing regulatory scheme governing the practice of medicine is not what providers signed up for when getting their medical education, but it is what we signed up for. 

What Can We Do for You? 

We can work with you and your practice to develop a compliance plan that will go far to create an ethical and compliant practice that you can be proud of…

What service do we provide? Why do we provide it? 
Initial Consult: The Groundwork Meeting To get to know you and your practice and to determine your practice’s compliance needs, what compliance issues your practice may be facing, what compliance measures are already in place and what your goals and aspirations are for your practice.  
Written Report: Personalized Recommendations To set out the steps that we recommend be implemented to help your practice establish a compliance program that will satisfy the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General.  The report will also contain recommendations to make your practice as compliant as it can be.
Customized Compliance Implementation  Whether you only need help with a few items, or you need us to serve as your outsourced compliance department, we are here to help you.  We can take the worry out of compliance and let you get back to what you do best – caring for your patients.


What is it going to cost?

Our healthcare compliance services are provided on a flat fee based on the number of providers in your practice. Our compliance plans feature “Meterless Communications” so that we encourage our clients to ask questions, communicate concerns to us, without the fear of fluctuating monthly bill. 

Who makes up our team? 

Our attorneys are uniquely qualified to work with you to create a compliant and ethical medical practice.  Sean Foley has been an attorney for seventeen years, is certified in healthcare compliance (CHC) by the Healthcare Compliance Association and is the former owner and compliance officer for a 140-employee Medicare and CHAP accredited home health and home care agency.  Matthew Johnston has been a practicing attorney for twelve years, was a lobbyist for health insurance companies, and is the owner of two other small businesses.