Customized Compliance Legal Services

For Individual and Small Physician Practices

As a health care provider, you want to focus on providing the best patient care you can give.  Unfortunately, the constantly changing regulatory landscape can distract you from focusing on your patients’ care.  How can small practices and solo providers keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements issued by federal and state regulators?

Our health care compliance outsourcing services can help return your focus to where you want it and it needs to be without the worry of compliance issues sneaking up on you.

Medical providers must keep pace with the rate of change in care practices. The ever-changing regulatory scheme governing the practice of medicine is not what providers signed up for when getting their medical education, but it is what we signed up for. 

What services do we provide? 

Preliminary Evaluation

  • Meeting with practice stakeholders and management
  • Review of practice’s existing compliance documents
  • Observation of operations of practice on at least two separate days

This service has a one-time cost of $2,500. Should your practice wish to hire us as your compliance advisors, the cost of the discovery will be discounted from your monthly fee (a $208 discount per month in a one-year contract; see plans below).  After the Preliminary Evaluation, your agency type will be determined by the baseline procedures and documents your agency already has in place.

Monthly Compliance Plans (12 Month Commitment Expected)

Compliance Plan Status 1-2 practitioners  3-6 practitioners 6+ practitioners 
Well-Established Compliance Plan $1,000/month $2,000/month Let’s make a custom plan for you!
Semi-Developed Compliance Plan $1,750/month $3,000/month
No Compliance Plan $2,500/month $4,000/month

What services are included? 

  • Assist in preparation of risk assessment
  • Provide written compliance plan
  • Meterless communications regarding compliance
  • Assistance with response to reported compliance violations including investigation of the reported violation
  • Assistance with any needed employee discipline
  • Quarterly training for staff and providers on compliance issues
  • Periodic review of policies and procedures
  • Updates to compliance plan as necessary
  • Assistance with audit preparation
  • Oversight of auditing and monitoring program
  • Review of contracts with providers and independent contractors

The analysis of your compliance plan status will be made based on the status of the following items: Full set of policies and procedures, Written code of conduct, Compliance plan, Records of training provided to staff and providers, Written agreements with independent contractors, Annual risk assessment, Personnel files for each employee (including credentialing information for providers and a record of exclusion screening for all employees upon hire and at least once per year thereafter), Records of periodic monitoring/auditing of billing and coding records. 

Who makes up our team? 

Our team is the best fit for this job.  Sean Foley has been an attorney for seventeen years, is certified in healthcare compliance (CHC) by the Healthcare Compliance Association and is the former owner and compliance officer for a 140-employee Medicare and CHAP accredited home health and home care agency.  Our founding attorney Matthew Johnston has been a practicing attorney for twelve years, was a lobbyist for health insurance companies, and is the owner of two other small businesses. Kelly Mitchell, our Client Services Manager, is here to keep you happy and ensure timely and effective project management.