Firm Services

The Law Offices of Matthew S. Johnston, LLC is a general counsel to small and growing businesses.  Because the needs of my preferred clients, small and start-up businesses, can be dramatically varied, we provide service in a variety of areas.  Broadly speaking, services fall into several categories, Small Business General Counsel Services which includes our featured Business Maintenance Plans, Small Project Services, Dispute Resolution Services, and Second Opinion Services.

Small Business General Counsel Services:  These services encompass all the legal services, aside from litigation and dispute resolutions, that a small business might encounter, from business formation, contract negotiation and drafting, employment law, employee benefits, business financing and capital raising activities, as well as some intellectual property  matters.  As part of your General Counsel Services, I will prepare a Business Maintenance Plan to proactively manage your legal affairs rather than simply  reacting to legal matters. If your matter is one that is beyond my ability to provide, or requires special experience and knowledge, I will work with you to find a competent attorney to fulfill you needs.  Part of my job as your General Counsel is to help you find other service providers who specialize in other aspects of small business management, such as marketing, accounting and tax,  banking and finance, investment, estate planning, business succession, labor, IT and administrative services.

Small Project Services:  Maybe you want to “test drive” my services before engaging in a longer term General Counsel services contract.  Fair enough, for that I can offer Small Project services.  These are generally flat fee, Review & Advise or Advise & Write services.  For a single fee, I will review and/or write a contract for you so that you can get an idea of how I operate as an attorney and to see if we are a good fit to work together on a longer term basis.

Dispute Resolution Services:  Any business operating for any significant length of time will find themselves in some kind of dispute.  As a General counsel, I  work proactively with clients to avoid disputes and manage them before they become a bigger problem.  But when a bigger problem arises, I can provide the necessary dispute resolution services.  As a general philosophy, I look to resolve the situation as quickly as possible in order to minimize the disruption to your business.  While informal dispute resolution services are usually best, we are prepared to represent our clients in mediation, arbitration or in-court litigation.

Second Opinions Services:  I will be the first to admit that while I would appreciate your business, I may not be your first choice or even your best choice for legal services.  But often I believe that getting a second opinion might be in your best interest. In Second Opinions Services I focus on two types of work.  First, I review contracts and transaction documents prepared by others to make sure they say what you think they should say. (This is essentially the Small Project Services).  Second, I will review your business relationship with your other attorneys and professionals, including retainer and fee agreements, billing statement and practices, staffing, tactics, and communications to ensure that your rights as a client are protected so that you pay a reasonable fee.

No matter what service you require, my Billing Philosophy takes into account your needs and situation.  For that reason, you should read our Billing Philosophy, as well as the Client Rights & Responsibilities.

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