Dispute Resolution Services

If you are in business long enough, a business dispute will arise.  However, with some creative thinking, most business disputes can be resolved without the need for litigation.  Whether it is negotiation, mediation, arbitration or actual litigation, we are prepared to assist you every step of the way.  Whether the claim is something that the courts consider a “small claim” or it is a potential “bet the farm litigation,” each business dispute is important, and personal, to the client and we treat it that way from the minute you call us.

As with everything this Firm does, we encourage all clients to actively manage their relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and contractors.  Well-maintained relationships prevent inevitable disagreements from becoming business killing events. Having a regular review of all your relationships helps prevent the inevitable dispute from becoming a time and money consuming crisis.

What should you do if you have an active dispute?  First, don’t panic.  Second, don’t wait to contact an attorney (preferably us).  Particularly if you have been sued in court, if you wait too long to respond, your rights may be affected.  Third, before you meet with us, or any attorney, think about what happened, take a deep breath and relax a little.   In today’s society, most people run to the courthouse because they don’t know what else to do to “assert their rights,” but most often running to the courts is an over-reaction.  The overwhelming number of business disputes settle and the cooler your head, the more likely it is we can resolve your dispute in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Litigation is personal, though, and we understand that.  But you retain a lawyer to help you solve the underlying problem of the suit, not to prolong it.  However, if push comes to shove, we are prepared to aggressively make your case.

If you have a business dispute with someone, or you have already been sued, contact us so that we can discuss your immediate needs. Do not delay, as delay may impact your rights under the law.