Small Business General Counsel Services

Turn me, your lawyer, in to an extension of your team with General Counsel Services. I will work with you to craft a plan to suit your company’s individual needs.

General Counsel Services features “Meterless Communications”, meaning I want you to contact me and talk to me about issues, plans, and goals. You can do so without  working about getting charged for every phone call and email. I want to dis-spell the myth that small businesses can’t afford a “General Counsel” on their side on a regular basis.

Typically I ask business to enter into a 6-12 month initial term so that you can get the maximum benefit of General Counsel Services.

These are just some of the services the Firm provides to businesses:

“Meterless” Communications:  Most business owners do not proactively manage their legal affairs because every time they call their attorney, they get a bill at the end of the month charging them a couple hundred dollars for phone calls and emails. My General Counsel clients don’t have to worry about the phone call or email billing meter.  If you have a question, send an email or give me a call and don’t worry about the billing meter.

Contract Review, Drafting & Negotiation: A contract is nothing more than a (hopefully written) description of a business relationship. Every business relationship should be based on a clear and mutual understanding of each side rights and responsibilities. I look at any contract you receive from clients, vendors or anyone else, advise you on what it means and offer suggestions to improve your position in the contract.  Whether you need a master service agreement for your clients, review of existing or proposed contracts that you are considering, negotiation of new contracts, modifications to existing contracts, I will make sure that your business relationship is well and properly documented and advances your business goals.

Outsourcing Due Diligence: Small businesses may and should outsource those functions that are necessary but not central to your business, such as accounting, marketing, human resources, IT services and other work that may be necessary.  However, doing all the work that is necessary to select and vet vendors can be time consuming and inhibits your ability to operate your business.  As your general counsel, I can conduct the necessary due diligence and screening of service providers to get the best person for the job. Then I can help with the contract that results, ensuring your needs are met and your goals advanced.

Employment Law:  The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most important in your business.  While I encourage small businesses to outsource and contract with an HR and payroll company for essential employee matters, I will examine your employee classification, independent contractor agreements, or other aspects of your relationship with your employees to ensure compliance with Federal and State Labor laws. I will also examine employee handbooks, so they do not conflict with the law or create a relationship detrimental to your business in the event of a dispute. I can help protect your company’s trade secrets through drafting non-disclsoure, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements.

Banking and Finance: We can and will sit next to you as you negotiate with your bank to address current or potential lending arrangements.  If you are looking for outside investors, we can help you lay the groundwork and prepare the necessary papers to assist your start-up with seed money acquisition or capital growth.  With the recent changes in the law, many more opportunities exist for businesses to obtain financing outside the traditional methods.

Intellectual Property: We advise and help you obtain the necessary protection for your intellectual property, whether it be trademarks or copyrights.  While we are happy to to talk to you about your latest and greatest technology, we do not provide patent services,  but we will  connect you with competent patent counsel we work with to protect your intellectual property.


Contact me to talk so we can figure out how best to proceed for your business.