Small Business Start-Up Plans

Starting a business is a scary proposition and the first four months are crucial. My small business start up plan, featuring “meterless” communications, gives a new business owner the peace of mind of having an adviser present to answer all those questions, big and small. From business idea to implementation, I am there to be your adviser and help lay the foundation for your successful business.

Among the tasks I can do for you:

  1. Help with deciding what form the business should be, sole proprietorship, LLC, corporation, or something else?
  2. Help with determining what licenses and other registrations are necessary?
  3. Prepare foundation documents such as operating agreements, partnership agreements. and other materials.
  4. Advise you and prepare client contracts, vendor contracts, independent contractor agreements, and similar agreements.
  5. Prepare you and advise you on hiring that first employee.
  6. Advise on trademark, copyright or trade secret protection.
  7. Serve as a sounding board and ear to help you develop your business and grow your business.

A small business start up plan is designed to help the starting business, but you may already have a business that has faltered for some reason. I can help in that case too by helping you get “Re-Started.”

Due to the needs of a small business start up, I only have five Small Business Start Up Plans at any one time.

A Small Business Start Up Plan is a flat fee $1,600 paid over the course of four months in easy installments of $400.

Contact me to talk so we can figure out how best to proceed for your business.