Hourly Services

We believe in the power of a small business to make a great impact, and our mission is to provide you with actionable, legal advice.

Our hourly rates

Matt Johnston's hourly rate$290
Client Service Manager's hourly rate $75
30-Minute Consultation$125If you sign a fee agreement with us within three months of your consultation, your consultation fee will be credited against your first invoice.
45-Minute Consultation$175If you sign a fee agreement with us within three months of your consultation, your consultation fee will be credited against your first invoice.

Clear Contract Drafting & Contract Review

A contract is nothing more than a (hopefully written) description of a business relationship. Like all relationships, business relationships succeed when there is a clear understanding between the parties. Contracts that are clearly written, that establish in understandable language the rights and responsibilities of the parties, and that treat the parties fairly will help you build and maintain quality business relationships.

Unfortunately, most small businesses think that contracts are a hindrance to the sales process. I don’t look at contracts that way, I want to write a contract that gets you to “yes” faster and gets that signature on the contract sooner.

Clear contract drafting is not just about clear language (although that is a big part of the process) it is also about making sure that the contract you present to others a contract that reflects your business culture. Your contract should reflect your business, not your lawyer’s. A contract should not require a law degree to read.

*We can review and comment on approximately 6 pages of a contract per hour. For example, if you have a 10-page contract, it will take us about 1 hour 40 minutes to review.

*We prepare the following contracts at a flat fee: Multi-member partnership/operating agreements ($3,000); Single Member LLC Registration; includes gov. fees ($750), Employee Manual ($3,000)

Small Business Employment Law

The relationship between employer and employee is one of the most crucial to establish in a business for the business to flourish. I encourage small businesses to outsource and contract with an HR company and payroll company for essential employee matters. But to assist you,

I will examine your employee classification based on job descriptions and duties.

I will help you properly classify, retain and contract with independent contractors and freelancers, an area of employment that is fraught with dangers.

I will advise you on wage and hour laws and how to maintain compliance.

I will review your employee handbooks, or draft a handbook if you don’t have one, to make sure that you are not in conflict with the law, are complying with the laws that apply, and ensure you don’t create a relationship with your employees that is detrimental in case there is a conflict.

I can draft non-disclosure, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements.

As you grow, I will keep you advised on laws that affect you as you hire more employees.

Your relationship with your employees is vital and having a great relationship is as much about understanding expectations as it is about personalities.