Independent Contractor Agreement

Get your next contractor on board with this ready-to-fill independent contractor agreement template.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • What kind of information needs to be in an independent contractor agreement?
  • What do I need to worry about?
  • What are my risks?
  • What are the potential awards?

Look no further. We put together this state of the art template to help you figure out a way to prepare an independent contractor arrangement that is both effective and easy to understand.

The purpose of this template is not to be the perfect be-all-end-all stance for your particular situation. You may have specific needs or concerns, and there may be some little quirk in the relationship between you and your contractor that may need something more. However, we put together this template to cover the vast majority of the issues that companies and contractors face.

With your purchase of the template, you’ll receive:


  • A draft contract in a Word document prepared by #MattTheLawyer
  • Video tutorials for each section of the contract
  • A contract checklist

This independent contractor template can be yours for a one-time fee of just $99.

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