Pricing Reasons

One of the things that you are going to see that is a little bit different on my website is numbers. One of the most difficult things that small business owners face when they need to deal with attorneys is knowing how much it is all going to cost. Figuring out how much anything is going to cost is of vital importance to any small business owner. They are working on a limited budget. They don’t have the opportunity to simply write a blank check to anyone, an attorney included.

One of the major benefits of a subscription-based plan is the fact that you can see what the numbers are up front. Aside from the plans that are in place, there are also options to custom-build a general counsel plan suited to your unique needs. No matter which plan you choose, you will know how much your legal services will cost every month. There is not going to be any surprises. You’re not going to suddenly get a bill and see that there was four hours of research done on a topic. You’re going to see the same price number. As a business owner, you can budget for that.

When you look at my website you will see exactly how much subscription plans cost and what they include. Most law firms do not publicly state how much they charge, but I am happy to be stepping up to the plate and being transparent when it comes to the services I offer.

Click here to see what subscription-based plans we have to offer.

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