Monthly Plans & Flat Fee Services

We go against the mold and do not believe in the traditional law firm model. Here’s how our monthly plans and flat fee services work.

Why a monthly plan?

The purpose behind the monthly plans that we offer is to help small business owners obtain the legal services and advice they need without having to fear a budget-busting use of legal services.

Plan ahead.

We believe in a proactive style of problem avoidance, rather than the traditional ''break it, fix it'' problem solving style of traditional legal practices.

Ask questions.

We want clients to call and ask us questions long before a question becomes a problem. We will ask questions of you to avoid problems.


As your advisors, we will be the people you can trust, the people you can speak openly with, and can count on as part of your management team.

We listen. We advise. You decide. You thrive.

We listen. We advise. You decide. You thrive.

We are committed to seeing small businesses thrive.

Ask #Mattthelawyer Monthly Plan

Ask #MattTheLawyer$150/monthEver want to ask a lawyer a question but too scared about the cost? This is the plan for you. As an “Ask #MattTheLawyer” plan member you get meterless communications with our team. The plan includes up to six 15-minute phone/video calls per month and unlimited email with personalized video replies. Additional 15-minute phone calls will be charged at a rate of $70 per session. Longer calls will be billed at our hourly rates. Plan members get a 15% discount on hourly fees and a 10% discount on all flat fee services. If you're interested in hearing about discounts for nonprofits please let us know.

Monthly Plans for Small Businesses & Creative Firms

 Bronze $850/monthSilver $1,500/monthGold $3,000/monthPlatinum $5,000/month
Preferred Service Commitment
6 Months6 Months12 Months18 Months
Client Communications
“Meterless” Communications1
In Person Meetings2One Per MonthTwo Per MonthTwo Per MonthThree Per Month
Monthly Board/C-Suite MeetingsAdditional FeeAdditional FeeIncludedIncluded
“Mobile GC”2Optional for FeeOptional for FeeOptional for FeeIncluded
Unlimited Contract Review
Unlimited Contract Templates
Website Privacy/Terms of Use
3rd Party Communications
3rd Party Communications
Custom Contract DraftingReduced Fee
Collections CasesReduced Fee
Employment Law CounselingReduced Fee
Employee/Management TrainingReduced Fee
Trademark Registration3Reduced Fee1 per monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Copyright Registration3Reduced Fee1 per monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Business Succession PlanningReduced FeeReduced Fee
All Contracts ManagementReduced FeeReduced FeeReduced Fee
Vendor NegotiationReduced FeeReduced FeeReduced Fee
Advertising ReviewReduced FeeReduced FeeReduced Fee
Key Person Interviews4Reduced FeeReduced FeeReduced Fee
1 “Meterless” Communications includes unlimited email, unlimited phone calls, or Scheduled Skype session.
2 Clients may request additional meetings for a reduced fee. “Mobile GC” is one full day at the client office for unlimited meetings/consultation.
3 Government fees must be paid by the client.
4 Assisting clients to identify, interview, and assess key employees or new board members for hiring, discipline, or termination.

Startup Plans

Small Business Startup$750All you need to legally start that business of yours: state registration, single member limited liability company operating agreement, trade name registrations (if needed), EIN registration, state tax account registration (if needed), and Website Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Also includes contract reviews, up to two hours per month of responding to email communications, and a 1-hour check-in consultation at three months. Also benefit from discounted rates on additional phone or in person consultations and other legal services. (client must pay all government fees)
Nonprofit Startup$750All you need to launch your nonprofit. Includes state registration, articles of incorporation, operating agreement, EIN, and federal 501c3 application (note this price only applies to the 1023 short form). Also includes initial consultation and up to two hours per month of responding to email communications, and discounted rates on additional legal services. (client must pay all government fees)

Monthly Plans for Healthcare Compliance

Compliance Plan Status1-2 Practitioners3-5 Practitioners6+ Practitioners
Well-Established Compliance Plan$1,000/month$2,000/monthLet’s make a custom plan for you!
Semi-Developed Compliance Plan$1,750/month$3,000/month
No Compliance Plan $2,500/month$4,000/month

Flat Fee Services

Trademark Application$375Does not include trademark office filing fees; After the application is submitted, application tracking and communications with the USPTO are charged on an hourly basis. Depending on the nature of communications from the USPTO, tracking and communications may range from $50 to several thousand dollars.
Multi-Member Partnership/Operation Agreements$3,000
Single Member LLC Registration$750Includes government fees
Employee Manual$3,000
30-Minute Consultation$125If you sign a fee agreement with us within three months of your consultation, your consultation fee will be credited against your first invoice.
45-Minute Consultation$175If you sign a fee agreement with us within three months of your consultation, your consultation fee will be credited against your first invoice.

We offer options, not obstacles.

Hear it from happy customers.