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Here are some blog posts that may be helpful in your business:

Internships are often an important way for student designers to gain experience and for design firms to get some labor and pass on knowledge. Historically, it has been hard to craft fully compliant and legal unpaid internship programs without running afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Well, a recent court ruling may be providing some relief.

3 Contract Provisions to Get Home Court Advantage in Contract Disputes: I hope you never have a business dispute, but if you do, having a contract that gives you home court (pun intended) advantage will help.

My Two Part posts on the Work Made for Hire Doctrine, part 1 and part 2. Simply because you may be hired to do work for a client does not mean the creative content you create is a work made for hire under the Copyright Act. Knowing the boundaries and how to handle transfer of rights is critical to avoid disputes and potentially expensive resolution of those disputes.

Independent Contractor Presentation. You might employ independent contractors or you might be an independent contractor yourself. Understanding the current landscape of independent contractor law is necessary in the creative industries.